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i’m a carrot
who cares
its about to get healthy in here
got that carrot swag i know yall hear
im a carrot
u a carrot
i dont care, Not!
Sike, i tricked ya
cuz im a gangsta
carrot and its healthy
dropped da healthiest sick verse on ya
like im weight lifting
an im da heavyweight champoin
an u just a lame man
u is matatron
im castiel
im eatin healthy like im sam 
for real
put sum carrots in ya salad
just kiddin dont cuz im a carrot
dis verse is sick cuz it had 2 many carrots
got scurvy now i got a 8 carrot gold ring
now i told u every thing
alright stop carrot time
like miley syrus i gotta make a climb
up a ladder 2 get to ya
cuz ur so tall and im a carrot
carrot is small but have big heart
put 100 carrots in ya grocerey cart

- carrot (c)2014

Title: RIP John Green
113,739 plays



May he rest in peace.

So beautiful…we will never forget you <3

i am only a soup can – me

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